Selecting the right end of arm tooling for your robot is critical to the safe and reliable operation of a collaborative or industrial robot. Choose from a range of suction cup or grippers from POMO Robotics to get the best out of your robots.

Most manufacturers of robots (both industrial/collaborative) do not offer tooling as part of their solutions. An end of arm tooling or end effectors are criticial to ensure that the task at hand that needs to be carried out by the robot is able to be carried out by the robot.

End of arm tooling can come in a wide range of sizes and shapes so it is therefore critical to ensure that you are able to select or develop the right tool for the job.

Most system integrators such as POMO Robotics offer standard off the shelf tooling such as ONROBOT or ROBOTIQ. However, not all standard off the shelf tooling is suitable for the particular application.

For example, a customer may wish to use an offset suction cup style tool rather than one mounted directly to the wrist of a robot.

Consider the following:

  1. Weight: What is the weight of the object that needs to be handled
  2. Weight of the tool: What is the overall weight of the tool once it is installed on the robot
  3. Dimensions: What is the L x W x H of the object that needs to be picked up and can the tooling manage this
  4. Task: What is the task of the robot when holding the end of arm tooling – is it welding, dispensing, painting or other manufacturing applications
  5. Environment: What is the operating environment of the robot – is it in a high care or low care area? Does it require IP67 or higher rating for safe operation?

Note: It is important to note that the stated payload of a robot at maximum reach does not include the weight of the tool of an object.

For example, if you require a 2kg tool to hold a 10kg object at 1300mm. The required payload of your robot should be at minimum 12kg and above (accounting for no contingency). For this particular one a JAKA Zu 12 S would be idea.

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